Synthetic Patch (Mesh)

Groin and abdominal hernia are very common illnesses.1 in 100 people have groin or abdominal wall hernia. However, unless the hernia grows or aches, doctors are not visited and it might even be unnoticed.

Synthetic Patch (Mesh)

Synthetic patches, whose usage date back 60 years, are now an essential part of hernia operations. They are mainly produced as a net-like structure from polypropylene (a type of petrol product plastic) or polyester. The function of these patches is to create a reaction in the tissue to create a strong structure to withstand pressure.

The recurring of hernia after operations has significantly decreased with the usage of synthetic patches. However, due to a possibility of over-reaction and infection, there still are some risks in their usage. Also, as they have sticky properties on abdominal internal organs, they are coated with a non-sticky extra patch especially in laparoscopic operations.

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